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Every time I go downstairs to the laundry room, this pigeon tries to seduce me.

"we have incompatible genitals" is now my favorite excuse.


I like the noise it makes!

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british people are so fucking cute

they called christmas lights ‘fairy lights’

they called sweaters ‘jumpers’

sneakers are ‘trainers’

they say ‘you alright/you ok’ instead of ‘how are you’

i quit

fuck off you condescending twat

Most British sentence I’ve ever heard

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IAmElemental has an amazing kickstarter that just went live! Super awesome action figures made with girls in mind. Amazing concept, amazing lady creators! 

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Buffy breast feeds Cody on Sesame Street (x)

This was 1976. Big Bird understood and was wholly accepting and empathetic toward Buffy breastfeeding in public, and Big Bird is meant to be the equivalent of a preschool aged child, but every single day on social media, adults exclaim disgust toward breastfeeding in public and misogyny at the parents who do so. People, you’re less evolved than
Big Bird was 38 years ago. Grow the hell up.

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